Stone Angel

StoneAngel1Stone Angel
by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Katie May Green
Philomel Books, 2015

A young, French Jewish girl is confused when the ‘bad men’ come.  Suddenly everyone in her temple are made to wear yellow stars, are called bad names, and are even taken from their homes.  Her papa loses his job and they move in with friends.  When her mother weeps, she points to the star on her coat and says, “Where there are stars, Maman, there are angels.”

The family live in the forests until they cross the mountains into Spain to catch a boat for an island called England to stay with family.  Through all their life-threatening experiences, the young girl holds on to the belief that there are angels.  When the war is over and when they return to Paris, the family makes their home in an apartment under “The Lighthouse Angel,” confirming the girl’s belief.

A heart-warming, beautifully crafted story that pulls readers forward through each scene and focuses on one girl’s resilience as she endures the horrors of war.  Each illustration, while often done in dark tones, shows the hope the girl, and her people, hold tight to their hearts as they endure the atrocities of war.

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