Take Away the A (a “thinker” alphabet book!)

Take Away the A
by Michael Escoffier, illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo
Enchanted Lion Books, 2014

A ‘thinker’ alphabet book where the reader starts with a word, then takes away one letter to form a new word.  When A is taken from Beast, for example, the beast is Best!  And without the K the Monkey makes Money!  An exploration of words, spelling and quirky illustrations that create a scene and play up the humor of the words used.

This tall, oversized book is probably better for the child that can recognize words and appreciate the transformations and play on words.  After 26 examples, they may want to see what word plays they can create.  To expand their visual creative skills, they can imagine a scene in which to portray the words.  A brain stretcher, for sure!

But, as in any alphabet book, what does the author do with q and z?  The answer is ‘get very clever!’

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