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Take Your Mama to Work Today

by Amy Reichert, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2012

Take Your Mama to Work Today is an instruction manual on how to take your mother to work.  From pushing the elevator button, to making photocopies, to helping your mom’s boss do a presentation, a fancy word for show and tell, the girl’s innocence permeates every page.  She investigates Mrs. Honey’s candy stash, learns that snack time is called coffee break at work, and she livens up a boring picnic with a quick game of chair tag.  For the parents, its fun to see how one girl understands “work”, and, for kids, it’s a warm up for the time they will be able to visit their parent’s workplace.  Lively, quirky illustrations show dozens of work activity possibilities for a young worker.

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