The Adventures of Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend

The Adventures of Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend
Dan Santat
Little, Brown and Company, 2014
Caldecott Medal Winner

He was born on an island far away where imaginary friends were created.  Here, they lived and played, each eagerly waiting to be imagined by a real child.”  How creative!  These opening lines of Beekle open wide a child’s imagination of what could be.

But alas, after waiting and waiting, no one imagines Beekle.  Beekle, ready to find his child, does the unimaginable—he journeys to the real world!  Things are indeed strange in the real world, but he soon finds a place where other imaginary friends visit and feels comfortable.  But still, no one takes him as an imaginary friend.  He sits at the top of an autumn tree, until a little girl calls out to him; the wind blew her drawing into the tree.  Beekle returns the picture to the little girl—and there in her picture was Beekle!  Very shy at first, they get to know each other, until one day they do the unimaginable….

Extraordinarily wonderful!  I love how this books opens one’s imagination.  Beautifully rendered in pencil, crayon, watercolor, ink and Adobe Photoshop, with hand-lettered text.

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