The Class

The Class
by Boni Ashburn, illustrated by Kimberly Gee
Beach Lane Books, 2016

Shared in a lyrical voice, The Class shares how 20 different children prepare for their first day of class.  The illustrations show 20 different homes, 20 different families, 20 different personalities and 20 different responses to school’s first day.  Illustrator Kimberly Gee had to use a spreadsheet to keep everyone in the correct clothes, with consistent personalities and family members.  Nearly every reader will share something in common with some of the kids.  It’s fun to follow one child at a time through the book to see what their experience was like; it’s like a big puzzle. It can easily be used as a primer to teach about emotions they may experience on their upcoming first day, and how they might feel in class with 20 kids all day.

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