The Desperate Dog Writes Again













The Desperate Dog Writes Again
By Eileen Christelow
Clarion Books, 2015

A tongue-and-cheek funny story showing how even the most horrible, worse things will work out, when given time.

Life is perfect for Emma who shares her couch with George and an orange cat, until Loretta shows up!  First Emma thinks Loretta is trying to kidnap George and Emma attacks her.  Emma gets in trouble!  To rid the house of this intruder, Emma goes to the library and emails Dear Queenie for advice.  Emma is advised to use a perfume the intruder will hate so much, she will leave the house running.  Only that doesn’t work out as planned!  Returning to Dear Queenie, Emma gets more advice—and more trouble!  Find out how Emma discovers the benefits of this intruder.

The youngest readers may need an explanation on the “Dear Queenie” reference, but they will enjoy watching Emma getting into more and more trouble, until things work out.

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