The Forever Dog

The Forever Dog
by Bill Cochran
illustrated by Dan Andreasen
HarperCollins 2007

An especially moving story about a boy who loses his dog. Author Bill Cochran is outstanding at explaining to a youngster about death and how to handle its powerful emotions. This is a must read for young ones who have lost their best friend. Illustrator Dan Andreasen captures the love and warmth the story calls for; beautifully rendered.

Mike gets a pup named Corky and they do everything together. They even promise they would be best friends forever. Mike comes home from school one day and Corky doesn’t greet him. His mom tells him he was sick and is staying overnight at the vets. A morning call lets them know Corky passed.

Mike is deeply hurt; ‘His heart sank lower than it had ever been before.’ Then Mike was mad at Corky for breaking his promise. After about a week he shares Corky’s broken promise and he and his mom talk about how Corky will be there forever, it’s just different. When Mike asks why it hurts so bad, Mom suggests Corky’s trying to get comfortable in his new home: Mike’s heart.

The Forever Dog” was named among the Top Children’s Books of 2007 by the Cooperate Children’s Book Center.

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