The Memory Box, A Book about Grief












The Memory Box, A Book about Grief
by Joanna Rowland, illustrated by Thea Baker
Sparkhouse Family, 2017

A book to help a child coping with a death. Inspired when the author’s family was coping with two separate deaths.

The story opens with a child losing a balloon, then smoothly transitions into a how that compares with losing a person. It addresses, “Does love die?” as well as the fear many have that they’ll forget the person who died. Thinking of activities once shared, the story seamlessly moves into creating a memory box. As she recalls old dreams and as she does those things she and the person gone had once dreamed of doing, she creates new memories that she shares with the loved one.  The book ends gently with, “You’ll always be with me…” and “… I’ll never forget.”

Illustrations show child activities and friends and family gatherings to comfort the reader.

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