The Night Gardener













The Night Gardner

Terry and Eric Fan
Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2016

The Night Gardener is a book of awe-inspiring, life-changing magic.  Set in the thirties, a young William wakes to a tree sculpture of an owl.  Awed by its beauty and wonder, he stares at it all day.  He goes to sleep with a sense of excitement and the next morning he awakens to a tree sculpture of a cat.  After several days of new sculptures, the people of Grimloch begin to feel joy enter their hearts.  When a dragon appears, they celebrate until late into the day.  Going home, William spots an unfamiliar person. As the gentleman enters the park, he turns and invites William in.  They create a park full of new creatures.  When Williams awakens in the park, a pair of sheers with his name on it are before him. William’s life is changed, and so are the lives of the people in Grimloch.

Graphite drawings detail the times and the tree sculptures. As tree sculptures are within the realm of possibilities, the story sheds a whole new light on night and trees.   A story of both eye and heart beauty.  A joy to savor.

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