The Power of Henry’s Imagination












The Power of Henry’s Imagination

by Skye Byrne, illustrated by Nic George
Aladdin, 2015

“Believe, and it shall be” is the theme of this story.  Henry was gifted Raspberry, a stuffed bunny, when he was born and played with it every day, all day.  Then one day Raspberry was missing.  Henry and his parents tore his house apart, but could not find Raspberry.  Henry’s wise grandpa suggested, “You just have to imagine that Raspberry is with you—in this moment!”  Trusting his grandpa, he did.  He and Raspberry got caught in a storm, were pirates on the sea, and flew into space.  He even went to sleep believing Raspberry was with him.  That night the mailman returns Raspberry, who had been out on a path and when Henry wakes the next morning, Raspberry is with him, just like Grandpa said.

The illustrations, combining photography with pen and ink sketches, bring a mystical, yet reality-based touch to the story.  A delight to read and a story with an important message.  A great book for the development of a young one’s spirit.

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