The Thunder Egg

thunderEggThe Thunder Egg
by Tim J. Myers, illustrated by Winfield Coleman
Wisdom Tales, 2015

A tale of “the girl who cared for the Thunderbird’s child—and saved her people.”

A young Cheyenne girl, sensitive to her environment, finds a Thunder Egg.  She is led to care for the egg, even when other children ridicule her.  Her grandma comforts her, saying “Someday you’ll find your power, and with it the good you can do in the world.” In the middle of a drought, each tribe member is asked to make sacrifices.  The girl chooses to sacrifice her egg, her most valuable possession.  She leaves it near a tree where lightning has struck before.  Lightning strikes it, breaking it open.  In thanks for her caring for the Thunder Egg, the Thunderbird brings rain to the land.

A touching story of a sensitive girl’s resolve.

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