The Want Monsters and How They Stopped Ruling My World

The Want Monsters and How They Stopped Ruling My World
by Chelo Manchego
Shambhala Publications, Inc, 2017

I usually shy away from stories with obvious ‘lessons’ in them, but this one kept me turning the pages to see how it ended.  Partially the words, and I think, partially the unusual drawings.

We begin with an odd-looking boy providing a brief introduction to Want Monsters and how much trouble they can cause. Then we meet Oskar, the boy’s Want Monster.  When the boy eats one cupcake, Oskar makes the boy eat four more, and the boy gets sick. Oskar wears a crown all the time to get attention.  The boy doesn’t like all of Oskar’s antics.  A caterpillar shares a few words of wisdom and the boy decides to “keep minding my day” until Oskar’s demands go away. Each time the boy keeps minding his own day, even when the Want Monster throws a tantrum. Eventually, the Want Monster begins to get smaller. The boy redirects Oskar’s attention to wanting ‘kindness’ and ‘sharing’.  Eventually the boy loves his tiny Want Monster and the Want Monster loves him back.

Illustrated in simple, child-like drawings with lots of color, the pages take the reader into the boy’s world where he grows wiser and stronger.

Read more reviews and purchase on Amazon.

Read more reviews on Amazon and purchase.

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