The Wish Tree














The Wish Tree
by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Chris Turnham
Chronicle Books, 2016

Young Charles and Boggan head out in search of a wish tree.  His siblings say there is no such thing, but Charles believes.  They scour the country side, helping squirrels, beavers and many others along the way.  As nightfall nears, Charles becomes tired and Charles can no longer search.  Boggan carries him, while the animals pull them along.  Snow appears, and so does a wish tree!

An imaginative story of a boy who believes and perseveres on his quest to find a wish tree. It’s filled with delightful word plays and repetitions.  Boggan is Charles’ toboggan and everywhere it goes, it sings, “Whishhhhh.”   Children will delight in figuring out, “Where Charles went Boggan followed.  Where Boggan went Charles followed.” A great adventure for a snowy day read.

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