There was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight













There was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight
by Penny Parker Klostermann, illustrated by Ben Mantle
Random House, 2015

A hilarious dragon story with fun, read-aloud rhymes.

When an old, greedy dragon swallows a knight, the reader learns, “It’s not polite.”  Then the dragon swallows a steed, then swallows a squire, then swallows a cook.  Soon he has swallowed practically a whole castle of people—and the castle—and the moat!  Like in the story, The House That Jack Built, every time he swallows something, the rhyme grows longer and funnier.  Great repetition and fun.  The illustrations contain dozens of laughable subtleties that add to the humor.

Adults and children who appreciate good rhyme, will love how this story keeps the pages tuning.

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