To Dare Mighty Things, The Life of Theodore Roosevelt

To Dare Mighty Things, The Life of Theodore Roosevelt 
by Doreen Rappaport ; illustrated by C.F. Payne
Disney*Hyperion Books, 2013

Doreen Rappaport writes an inspiring story of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, our 26th president.  The biography focuses on the personal side of Roosevelt, how he chose to deal with being sickly and getting himself stronger, how he chose to use his recovery time, how he prepared himself for college and how he chose to approach his life with a strong connection with his family and a thirst for a challenge.  Roosevelt had many interests and became a colorful character.  He entered politics to “help the people” and frequently went against the (sometimes corrupted) establishment to make things right.  Leaving a position as secretary of Navy, he started America’s first Calvary to fight against the Spanish in Cuba.  Returning a hero, he rose to running as vice president with McKinley, and became president when McKinley was assassinated.

Rappaport cleverly sprinkles Roosevelt’s more famous quotes to tell the story and C.F. Payne completes the telling with stunning illustrations.  The illustrations alone invite you to open the book—so much so the title of the book is not even shown on the front cover, just an engaging illustration of Roosevelt.

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