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Tulip and Rex Write a Story
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illustrated by Sarah Massini
Katherine Tegan Books, 2015

Tulip and her dog Rex love to dance.  When Tulip receives a notebook with her name on it, and Rex receives a leash, they head out for a dance in the park.  While hopping down the sidewalk, Tulip calls out that Hop is a happy word.  Rex scratches Tulip’s notebook and Tulip writes ‘hop’ in it.   More words, like feather, float, flutter and splash are added at Rex’s suggestions.   When they collect enough words, Tulips decides to tell Rex a story using the words in her notebook.  Using all the words, she tells of a King and Queen who fight off a dragon.

Wrapped around an idea parents can use to encourage children to create stories, the author writes with an air of happiness, joy and creative imagination following the very active Tulip.  The illustrator highlights the happiness, love and close friendship Tulip has with her dog Rex.  It’s just the kind of book in which readers will explore the happy pictures and savor the clever, yet gentle, story.  A delight to ears and eyes.

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