Violet the Pilot

Violet the Pilot
By Steve Breen
Dial Books, 2008
Amelia Bloomer Award

Violet reads Popular Science magazine and prefers to play with monkey wrenches and needle-nose pliers.  She is a mechanical genius.  Fortunately her parents manage a junk yard, so she has easy access to stuff.  By the time she turns eight, she is building elaborate machines—that fly!  She makes a Bicycopter, a Rocket Can and a Pogo Plane.  At school she eats alone and classmates tease her.  A poster announcing an air show, engages her dreams and she decides to enter in the show a flying machine.  She gives it a test flight and it passes with flying colors.  On the way to the air show, she spots a group of boy scouts that are having canoe trouble.  Realizing she will forgo the air show, she flies down to rescue the scouts.  From the hospital she waves good bye, but it is 3:30 and she missed the air show.  But, later that night she hears a crowd calling out, “THERE’S OUR HERO!”  The press, mayor, fire and police chiefs, along with kids from her school are outside.  The major awards her a medal of valor as a token of their gratitude and esteem.   And wait until you see the last page–Violet’s real reward!

Wake up the dreams in your imaginative young reader!

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