What Do You Do with a Chance?

What Do You Do with a Chance?
by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom
Compendium Inc, 2017

Another thoughtful and inspiring book by Kobi Yamada and Mae Besom.  Filled with a boy’s gentle self-reflections and illustrated in loose drawings that fill out the story, this is a book that inspires both children and adults.

One day a young boy saw “a chance” flutter by and he wondered what to do. He wanted to grab it, but was unsure and it flew away.  The next time a chance showed up, he still wasn’t sure, but reached for it any way.  He missed it and fell, and others laughed at him.  Embarrassed, he decided never to reach for another chance. Soon he noticed he never saw any more chances. In time, he decides he can be brave for only a short time to take the chance.

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