When a Dad Says “I Love You”

When a Dad Says “I Love You”
by Douglas Wood, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell
Simon & Schuster for Young Readers, 2013

Traditional dads say “I Love You” in many ways to their child, without always using those three words.  This book sheds light in a gentle way of some of the many ways some dads—and some moms!—say I love you to their children.

Some dads show their love by making pancakes, some by chasing their kids in the back yard for fun, some by helping their child learn to ride a bike, or taking them to watch a parade.  If a dad, or other family member, doesn’t always use those three magic words, share with them this book and it will help them understand.

This is a wonderfully reassuring book for the child who doesn’t hear the spoken words, “I love you”.

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