When the Moon Comes 











When the Moon Comes 
by Paul Harbridge, illustrated by Matt James
Tundra Books, 2017

A richly written story of how Canada’s inhospitably freezing winter sets in and how hockey brings life to the cold.

Cast in a magical glow, a village of children anticipate the upcoming winter fun in the cold, northern lands of Canada. When December’s sudden cold sends ducks south, they know to wait for the full moon, when the beaver flood (their winter lake) will be perfect.  The day arrives and they tramp to the site, plow off the snow, uncover the ice, and the game is on! In the full moon’s light they play their hearts out, stopping only when the puck is lost. They return home and the afterglow returns with them.

A perfect story to experience the season’s first night on ice. Vivid descriptions take readers to this special time, “Our wet pants freeze solid in the cold, and we walk clanking like knights in armor, lances over our shoulders, hoods like helmets around our faces”. Filled with wonder, each glorious detail is highlighted as the children experience the magic. Perfect for hockey and late-night snow fans!


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