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Where’s the Elephant?

by Stephane-Yves Barroux
Candlewick Press, 2016

When I opened the pages, I assumed the book was like a “Where’s Waldo”, where I was to look for the elephant, parrot and snake on each page, but as I kept turning the pages, a new light dawned.  With each page-turn the forest grew smaller and smaller.  A few cut trees soon grew into a growing city.  Eventually the animals were captured in a zoo.  To my relief, they escaped and returned to the wild.  Where’s the Elephant? is a very clever way to introduce children to deforestation.  The story was inspired when author/artist Barroux watched parts of the Amazon be burned down to turn into soy production.  A must read for environmentally-conscious families; even the youngest can grasp the concept in this brilliantly told and illustrated story.

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