Whispers of the Wolf













Whispers of the Wolf

by Pauline Ts’o
Wisdom Tales, 2015

Whispers of the Wolf quietly, deeply engulfs the reader into the story.  Supported with wind-swept pastel illustrations the reader virtually experiences the boy’s emotions of finding, raising, protecting and, eventually releasing, a wolf.

Two Birds is a quiet Pueblo boy, always last when running with the other boys, so he doesn’t run.  When he hears whimpers one day, he discovers an abandoned wolf pup destined to die.  Determined, he cares for the pup and it finds its strength.  When the other boys discover the pup, they want to hold it, but Two Birds cries out no, it is too fragile.  As the pup grows, Two Birds becomes adept at hunting rabbits to feed the animal.  When it Is finally big enough, Two Birds takes the wolf hunting with him.  The other boys are eventually allowed to hold the pup and Two Birds shares stories he heard from the wolf.  The boys listen to his stories and learn other ways to hunt rabbits.  Then the day comes that the wolf wants to follow the other wolves and Two Birds must decide between keeping the wolf or setting him free.

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