Who Wants a Hug?

Who Wants a Hug?
Jeff Mack
HarperCollins, 2015

A big huggable bear hugs all his friends and everyone hugs him back.  Except Skunk.  Skunk determines that no one wants to hug him because he smells bad and declines.  Each time he declines, bear says, “I’ll save you one for later.”  Skunk decides he doesn’t like bear—he’s too happy–and decides to teach bear a lesson.  He throws a stinky mackerel at bear, but misses and it ricochets back at skunk.  He plans for garbage to fall on bear, but it falls on skunk.  After several humorous attempts, skunk gives up. Bear asks him if he’d like that hug now.  “I guess I’ll have a tiny one,” says skunk.  But Bear only knows how to give a great big bear hug.  Well, Skunk loves the hug, but bear jumps back crying “PU!”  Skunk wants another, but bear dashes off crying he’ll, “save you one for later?”  But Bear returns with a clothespin on his nose and hugs skunk.

Clever story showing how easy it is to jump to conclusions and how obstacles can be overcome.  A story on diversity that toddlers can understand.  And who doesn’t want a great, big bear hug?

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