by Suzi Moore, illustrated by Russell Ayto
Templar Books, 2016

The problems are simple, the cat can’t meow, the dog can’t woof, and the mouse can’t squeak.  How can get it right?  The wise owl, sends them off to the little old lady in a house in the woods who will give them a “spell to make them well.”  (Yes, it’s all in perfect rhyme.)  But the little old lady, emphasis on old, doesn’t seem to be able to find the right spell, for the cat goes cluck!, the dog goes quack!, and the mouse goes cock-a-doodle-doo!—“Whoops!”  So she tries again, and again, and again.   Whoops!  Find out if she can cast the right spell.  Readers will enjoy the mystery story, the mix-ups with their Whoops!, and the intensely colored pages when a spell is cast.  A downright funny story.

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