Willow Finds a Way











Willow Finds a Way

by Lana Button, illustrated by Tania Howells
Kids Can Press, 2013

Kristabelle decided she was the boss and everyone did what she wanted. When her birthday neared she made of list of everyone’s name and said “You can come if you are on my birthday list!”  But then she used the list to coerce the others to do what she wanted. Sometimes Willow didn’t want to do Kristabelle wanted, but did so she could go to the party.  In time Kristabelle removed two names when two kids did not comply. This made everyone mad, and quiet Willow wanted to say, “Kristabelle, you’re mean.” But the words just didn’t come out.  But she did think of something she could do.  In front of everyone, she took the list and crossed out her name!

A powerful story of standing up for oneself, even when dealing with a bully.

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