Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed













Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed

by J. C. Phillips
Viking, 2009

I love a good story where a child finds a way to express his most inner self and be accepted by others.  This one is especially good for ninjas!

Wink dreamed of being a ninja and attended Summer Moon School for Young Ninjas.  As he learned each lesson, like “Silence is the weapon of the ninja”, he had a difficult time following them.  Instead of being silent, for example, he jumped on a ball, raised he ‘sword’ and hollered, “Look at me!”  Master Zutsu clapped like thunder and raised one angry finger to his lips to reprimand the young ninja.  Everything Wink learned, he pushed beyond the limits of a studious ninja, and Master Zutsu continued to shake his head, until one day Wink was so out of line, that Master Zutsu sent Wink away.  On his way home he heard some noises and saw a boy practicing tricks.  With his ninja training he could see right away what the boy needed to do and demonstrated.  Soon the boy’s family trained him and Wink went on to perform in the circus as, “The Nimble Ninja!” When Master Zutsu saw the circus performance, he acknowledged Wink’s strengths when he said, “Free-flowing water will always find its way.”

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