Z is for Moose

Z is for Moose
By Kelly Bingham, illustrated by Paul O Zelinsky
Greenwillow Books 2012

This alphabet book includes a director and a long cast of characters including a moose who loves the spotlight. He enters the scene at the letter D, and Director Zebra orders him off stage; M is Moose’s letter. Moose enters E’s frame to apologize, taking the attention from Elephant. Eager to be in the spotlight again, Moose appears on the H page, asking “Is it my turn yet?” and again is ordered off. He hides behind the Ice Cream and runs across a Jar, pops out of a Kangaroo’s pouch, and announces on L’s page that his page is next. Only the director had decided to use Mouse for M. The Moose declares it was his page, but the director says no. The moose charges across the O and P pages. Hilariously funny, the Moose appears on every page, becoming sad by the time he reaches the X page, for he has to admit that he will not be used for his own page. But Zebra Director finds a way to get him on stage legitimately. In between all the interruptions and commotions of Moose and Zebra, readers learn the alphabet!

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