A Dog’s Way Home

doghomeA Dog’s Way Home
By Bobbie Pyron
Katherine Tegen Books, 2011

Readers meet Abby and her Shetland sheepdog, Tam, on an agility course race.  As expected, they win.  The two are so close, Tam reads all of Abby’s subtle signals and no words pass between them while they race.

On the way home from the race, their vehicle is in an accident and Tam is tossed from the truck and falls down a steep cliff.  Abby is taken to a hospital.  When she is well enough, she demands they look for Tam.  They don’t find him.  Abby begs to stay to look for him, but the tough decision to leave the area is made.  They arrive home, 400 miles away, and Abby knows in her heart, Tam is looking for her.  With raging winter storms, Abby’s parents doubts the dog is still alive after a week.  But Abby’s Meemaw believes her.

Told from both Abby’s and Tam’s point of view, the story moves quickly with roadblocks in every chapter.   While Tam is making his way home, for instance, Abby and her family move!  A vet checks Tam’s microchip and calls and leaves a message—the day after the family leaves.  Each chapter pulls the story forward through spine-chilling or heart-wrenching events.  Although its 321 pages long, the pages fly by.  The story is well written and compelling to its very last word.

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