Dogs at War, Military Canine Heroes

Dogs at War, Military Canine Heroes

by Connie Goldsmith
Twenty-First Century Books, 2017

Geared for junior high and high school readers, Dogs at War contains dozens of war dog stories, as well as how dogs are selected and trained, how they use their nose, and how they are adopted when retired.

Beginning with one of the first dog handler teams used in Iraq, the book includes stories from wartimes since World War I.  The book also explores evidence that dogs were used in early Egyptian, Greek and Roman battles.  Early war dogs fought in battle, carried supplies, pulled carts and guarded camps.  Today’s war dogs sniff out weapons, explosives and bomb-making chemicals. Readers will learn how the dog’s nose compares to a human nose and how a dog’s nose works to sniff out even faint odors.  They estimate each dog saves 200-250 lives.

The book shares the close bonds formed between the dog and its handler. Generous quotes, stories, and photos from dog handlers, trainers, and veterinarians make this a riveting book, difficult to put down.

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