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What’s In My Library? Launches! …Champagne, Please…

To set your sails for your maiden voyage, read its introduction to learn how a collection of library poems came to be…

Upcoming kitchen remodel
—there’ll be strangers in my private home.
I feel anxious.

How will I survive?
I hear an inner voice, leave the house.
A foolish thought—I ignore it.

Insistent, it repeats,
Leave the house,
but I have nowhere to go…

Leave the house,
it whisper-shouts at me,
so I leave the house.

I drive down random streets.
This is crazy!  I need a safe place.
I hide in a library.

I read poetry,
looking out over the garden
I notice a dragon statue—

an aha moment!
I open my tiny haiku journal
and write two poems.

Released from the voice,
I drive home—an epiphany!
I know how to solve the stranger quandary…

visit twenty-eight
twenty-eight poems!

I chose to self-publish What’s in My Library? using the Sacramento Public Library’s publishing arm, I Street Press.  This enables me to share its proceeds with the library. (Two dollars of each book sold through my website, snail mail or at fairs will be donated to the library.)

To avoid frightening myself silly, my modest goal is to sell 200 books in the Sacramento area.  Any books above that will be pure sweetness to my palette.

If you are a library lover like I am, you’ll enjoy What’s in My Library? Here’s what a former English teacher had to say:

I am so moved at how you captured the nuances of people you observed, and relayed your experience in such a sensory and memorable way — I feel as if I’m with you on these trips.  This is a work of tenderness, humor, and beauty!   

Am also touched – and enlightened – on this reveal of each library’s personality – I didn’t realize many were so unique in what they offer neighborhood residents.

I am also left with a warm feeling glimpsing the mosaic of Sacramento’s diversity and the wonder of books/libraries bringing people together.

With my marketing tools: pre-launch blogs, updated website, press release, book signings, a poetry seminar, book marks and Friends of the Library visits, I launch my book and bravely set sail into seas unknown

I will be stopping at these ports…
April x
April x
April x
For more information and how to order, click here.

I Present My Beauty to the World (#10)

The Revered Library

I remember a visit to my grade school library as an adult
I literally ran down the hall,
respectfully opened the door
and moved into its wide, open space,
natural light pouring in.

Entranced…I soaked up long-ago joys
as my eyes bounced
from one character to another,
and their feelings washed over me.
I found myself in front of my favorite titles,
fingered their spines, and breathed in their pleasure.
I was a child again. Alive!

My Feet Now Comfortable in my Poet Shoes

I once lived a life where poems were not cherished
so I hid mine from others…and from me,
for I never called them poems, nor me a poet
and I felt ashamed.

But I’ve uncovered hundreds of poems
stashed throughout my house.
Three binders of my best sit atop my shelf
…how could I not have called myself a poet?

Well, those days are over.
Poems appear freely
and with a few tweaks and critiques,
I share them with others.

For the past few years,
I imagined my secret hero was Emily Dickinson
who wrote short poems and hid them,
but now my hero is me,
—and I present my beauty to the world.

What’s in My Library? launches tomorrow!!



I Followed My Heart… (#9)

I followed my heart …

Life went on.

After my mother’s passing
I heard myself declare I was going to start
a Reiki business and found myself
in a Reiki Masters Class.
Reiki is a hands-on-healing spiritual practice.

I healed myself every day and soon noticed
hurts, pains, and fears from my past
sloughed from my body.
Heavy healing happened, many days
I remained confined to the house.

As I released my oppressive past,
I started following my heart.
Poems began filling my pages.
Vagueness of me being a poet faded
and me as a poet began to take shape.

Somewhere in this transformation,
library poems began to appear
and, most important,
my purpose became clear—
I am to share my beauty…

and my beauty is writing poems.

See my next two poems in, I Present Myself to the World, on Tuesday, March 31.



A First… (#8)

A Friend in Need

I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for awhile
and learned her husband had dementia.
My heart pounded for her.

I raced home,
culled through the 1700 haiku
I had written during my mother’s decline
and picked out the ones that spoke
of her dementia.

I shaped them into a collection,
made a cover, and shared
my haiku’ed pains.

For the first time,
a poetry book of mine
was in another’s hands.

My next poem, I followed my heart…,will arrive on Monday, March 30.



My Tiny Books of Tiny Poems (#7)

My Tiny Books of Tiny Poems

After I heard myself claim I was a poet,
—with body still shaking—
I went home and made
my first book of poems.

A tiny book of my tiny poems…
Nature Poems, by Susan Lee Roberts.

Then I made another book and another book,
—I wanted choices for my customers, after all…
Honoring my beauty, I swelled with pride

—although I wasn’t calling it beauty, yet….

My next poem, A Friend in Need, will arrive on Sunday, March 29.


Joining with library?
events scheduled?
any interviews?

My Imagination Swoons… (#5)


As a child does, I grew from picture books into
children’s novels with deeper themes
and soon discovered Words with Wings
—a story told in poems!

I scoured the shelves for poem stories.
I understood them.
I enjoyed their beauty hidden in white space.
My ears tuned into the beauty of sounds.
My imagination wrapped each poem
with threads of my story
that filled in their white space
and made their stories mine.

My next poem, A Craft Fair Announcement, will arrive on Tuesday, March 24.


I have the books in my hand!
Through my words—and the emotions behind them—I will be out in front of the world.

A Poet Emerges… (#4)

Haiku…My Saving Grace

In the midst of my mom’s decline,
when every day was emotional,
I heard, Write haiku.

It turned out to be my saving grace
when my mom went from independent
to dependent and everything in life changed.
After each visit, I’d pour my feelings into little haiku
…after I learned how to write one.

Writing haiku became my spiritual practice
as I processed my grief.

So enamored with this new art form,
I partnered with a friend,
—a former English teacher who knew this poetry stuff—
and co-taught, Haiku as a Spiritual Practice.

Students were enthralled,
hearts opened,
emotions crafted into words,
spirits lifted.

I still remember we had run over on time,
yet all eyes stared at me
…love hungered to be expressed.

Haiku, my new love
—but what’s happening to me?
As I write…I change…

My next poem, Rapture, will arrive on Sunday, March 22.


Talks scheduled with Friends of the Library–at ____ libraries!

Did you know Sacramento Public Library has more than 2,500 Friends of the Library, and the hours they serve is equivalent to 30 full-time employees?

Library Saturdays (#3) & Book Signing!

Library Saturdays
Every Saturday I’d cozy in my chair
next to a pile of picture books
and study what I had determined
was my beauty
…writing children stories.

I’d read the words,
devour and drool over the art
—still wondering if painting was my beauty—
and take the rhyming books home
…to enjoy again and again.

From Dr. Seuss to Little Blue Truck
I’d laugh and laugh.
But I never wrote rhymes…
well, except for
Bucking Bales,
about a visit to my uncle’s farm,
That Final Cascade Ride,
about a horseback trip where everything went wrong
Squabbling Colors,  about a huddle of angels that
squabbled over which color an artist should use next

…but they were just silly stuff…

My next poem, Haiku…My Saving Grace, will arrive on Wednesday, March 18


Join me at my book signing!

Avid Reader on Broadway
April 25, 2pm
1945 Broadway, Sacramento, CA

Mark your Calendar!  Invite your friends!

You’ll enjoy how this self-published book came about, a few of my poems, cookies and Native-American-style flute music!

Blind to My Beauty (#2)

Blind to My Beauty

I heard inside, loud and clear,
my purpose was
to share my beauty
…inspired, I wrote a poem.

But I wasn’t an artist,
I didn’t draw,
I created no beauty
…I wrote in my poem.

Three Once Upon a Time tales appeared
so I wrote children’s stories
—many in verse
…I wrote in my poem.

Prolific, my writing improved,
but never enough to sing
and nothing happened
…I wrote in my poem.

If I only knew
what my beauty was,
…I wrote in my sad, sad poem.

My next poem, Library Saturdays, will arrive on Monday, March 9


My book’s been researched, drafted, critiqued, rewritten, expanded, proofed, covered and is now at the printers. The marketing begins…

My angels pulled me out of bed at 3am one morning to draft ten poems for my pre-launch blogs. I giggled. Whoever heard of a pre-launch being written in poems?! But, then again, Why Not?

My Book is Coming! My Book is Coming! (#1)

I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front the past two years searching for the best way to express myself. It was becoming apparent, writing children’s stories was not my best venue. Through a collection of poems, I will share my journey and how I came about to publish my first book, What’s in My Library?

Love, Susan

The Dance with My Picture Book Blog

A prolific children’s story writer, I happened upon
a request for picture book reviewers
and said, Yes! Sign me up!

Soon I launched my own blog,
Books for the Curious Child
and read hundreds of books each month.

Those that spoke to my heart
became my “top shelf” books,
the ones I’d pull down and read
whenever I needed to escape life’s noise.

Books like,
Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers,
Hawk of the Castle,
and Owl Moon.

Writing reviews for three years
taught me well how to promote my book-to-be,
but the prose of it remained a mystery.
I wrote multitudes of stories, poking at issues
in children’s lives, but, alas…
my brilliant, creative masterpieces
did not WOW the makers of books.

…something else was emerging…

My next poem, Blind to My Beauty, will arrive on Wednesday, March 5.


Studying children’s stories for so many years, my book peeks into children’s lives in poems entitled:
Mister Cooper’s Sing-a-Long
Drum for Freedom!
Storytime Toddlers
Dogs’ Days at the Library
Puppet Boy Jack
The 1907 Delta Flood

And there’s a dragon on the front cover!