I support the claim that “Kids Need Monstrous Words!”

I cheered when reading “Kids Need Monstrous Words!” an April 15 blog by Paul Czajak.  He promotes the use of ‘monstrous’ words in picture books and I concur.  How else is a child to expand their vocabulary?  I think writers need to be cognizant that complex words need to be used sparingly and, used where the content sheds light on what it means.  As picture books are designed to be read by an adult, kids have an immediate resource for a definition—or a suggestion to look it up in the dictionary.

As a child, I don’t remember looking up words in the dictionary, but when I started writing, words I didn’t use verbally appeared on my page.  I looked them up and was surprised I was using them appropriately.   We absorb what we are exposed to.

Let there be “Monstrous” words in picture books!

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