What’s on Your Curious Child’s SUMMER READING LIST?

Keep your child’s reading skills up!  Too many children fall behind when they are not encouraged to read during the summer.  Encourage your child to join your local library’s summer reading program.

Explore new titles to keep your child interested and challenged.  Find new places for them to visit, new history to learn—in a fun way—and new poetry to expand their ear and inspire their heart.

What new titles have you found that are “must reads”?   Send me your favorite titles and I’ll send mid-summer updates! 

Summer Reading List 2015 k-2              Summer Reading List 2015 9-12


1 thought on “What’s on Your Curious Child’s SUMMER READING LIST?

  1. Penelope Anne Cole

    Hi Susan, I just found you from a facebook “like” request. I’m now subscribed to your blog. I’m a children’s book reviewer and author. I’m also a tutor (ages 6 to 15), and am always looking for great books. I try to review one or two PBs a week, but Mondays are devoted to Marvelous Middle Grade books–my passion for now, though my own books are mostly for 6-8 and 4-6. I’m working on a young MG novella. Thanks for letting me comment. Keep up the good work, Penny


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