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Perfect Square

by Michael Hall
Greenwillow Books, 2011

Perfect Square starts with a red square on Monday and on each day of the week he explores all the things you can make from different color squares.  From a red square, he shapes a fountain that babbles, giggles and claps.  He shapes an orange square into flowers and a green square into a park.  Young ones can guess (or remember) the cut up shapes of each square and what they turn into.  A surprise at the end reviews all the shapes.  The colors are bright and vivid, the shapes are clever and simple.  A delight to explore while learning colors, shapes, and days of the week.

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My Very First Book of Colors

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My Very First Book of Colors
by Eric Carle
Philomel Books, 1974

Another interactive gem from Eric Carle who really understands the youngest.

In a small size to fit toddlers hands, and as a board book to tolerate children’s mouths,s My Very First Book of Colors shows a color on the top half the page and is asked to find that color in a series of pictures on the bottom half of the page.  The first color shown is ‘blue’.  To find the blue picture, the child turns the bottom-page-half and finds a blue bird to match the blue above!  They get an instant win to reinforce the goal of the game.  Then the child is asked for find ‘white’, and must turn many pages to find a ‘snowman’.  Carle even includes a top page with 8 colors, inviting the reader to find the colorful butterfly.

Perfect for the 1-2 year olds who are learning colors.  Carle’s bright colors and simple illustrations draw the reader in.  A great gift for their first birthday; something they can grow into, depending upon the development of the specific child.

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