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Lexie, the Word Wrangler










Lexie, the Word Wrangler

by Rebecca Van Slyke, illustrated by Jessie Hartland
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2017

Lexie, the Word Wrangler is clever, clever, clever with words!  Truly a word lover’s delight.

On the open plains, Lexie wrangles together an ear of corn and a loaf of bread to make some tasty cornbread.  She watches over little baby letters until they grow into bigger words: a, at, cat, cattle. She wrangles a whole passel of words together to make sentences.  But one day the d was missing from her bandana and the rain was missing from rainbow and a red bow hung in the sky.  A word rustler was loose!  “It’s high time to trap this scoundrel,” she said and she waited in a tree determined to stop the rustler.  Then, long about sundown, the rustler lassoed the long in longhorn.  Lexie jumped into action, lassoing the rustler.  Fascinated with words himself, he joined forces with Lexie and even helped the other young’uns learn to hitch words together.

A treasure trove of how words work together.

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Black Cowboy Wild Horses, A True Story

Black Cowboy Wild Horses, A True Story
Julius Lester & Jerry Pinkney
Dial Books for Young Readers, 1998

Based on a true story of an ex-slave, Julius Lester tells a story of a cowboy who, without a word or a rope, befriends a small herd of wild horses. In silence he watches the horses, moving when they move, responding how they respond, until an opportunity comes. Using his own horse, he challenges the lead stallion and takes over leadership of the herd. Pacing with the herd, he eventually leads them to a corral, and they follow. Fascinating.

A story of patience. A story of nature. Beautifully illustrated with wild horses that tell their own story. The story will long be remembered.

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