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Coyote Moon
by Maria Gianferrari, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline
Roaring Brook Press, 2016

The nighttime illustrations of the coyote’s world draw in the readers—what will happen next?

In Coyote Moon we follow a mother coyote on her nightly hunt for food.  Leaving behind her pups, the older ones on guard to protect the younger ones, she leaves behind the hidden den in the cemetery.  She spots some live food and on the next spread we see her jump high in the air and pounce on her prey through a startling picture that may haunt the very youngest.  She is not successful.  Soon your eyes adjust to the nighttime darkness as she continues her stalking.  Readers learn the kind of animals coyote seek and the kind of dangers that lurk for the coyote.

Back matter following the story tells how coyotes have come to live near people, even in large cities.  A beautifully illustrated book that includes a “distant” interaction with a young girl.

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Hungry Coyote

61NriCj2FOL._SL250_Hungry Coyote
by Cheryl Blackford, illustrated by Laurie Caple
Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2015

Hungry Coyote addresses the trend of coyotes living in or near urban areas.

On its cover, a coyote stares you in the face, and you want to open the book to see what is inside.  Written in a rich, poetic voice that speaks of survival and illustrated with winter’s freezing details, you enter a winter land and sense the tough times wildlife has, in particular, the coyote.  But the coyote is smart and a survivor and uses its ability to adapt to its environment.  They’ve learned to live invisibly alongside human dwellers in urban areas.  The author includes information about City Coyotes and what to do if you encounter one.  Highly recommended book.

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