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Found Dogs


Found Dogs
by Erica Sirotich
Dial Books for Young Readers

A counting book and a book about adopting pound dogs.  This clever story using simple rhymes to count up to ten dogs, then counts from ten to one, as the dogs leave for new homes.  Ever so clever, ever so perfect for young readers.  It can be read to the youngest, and read by those learning to read.  Author/illustrator Erica Sirotich matches dogs with new owners where spotted dogs go to firehouse workers and quick and thin dogs go to ballerinas.

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From Wolf to Woof! The Story of Dogs











From Wolf to Woof! The Story of Dogs

by Hudson Talbott
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2016

From Wolf to Woof! Is a wonderful myth for children of how wolves evolved into dogs.

The tale begins with a single, orphaned wolf pup ostracized from the pack.  He encounters another orphan, a boy.  In figuring out how to survive with no adults to guide them, they become ‘friends’.  They soon learn that with the wolf’s nose and the boy’s spear, they can help each other find food.  In time other orphan pups and boys and girls join them. They learn to perfect their teamwork to capture their food. The wolves surround their prey and hunters spear it from a distance.  Working together, they learn to share the food and include everyone.   The myth briefly covers how dogs evolved to serve other needs of people.

Illustrations bring life to the story, and include a few surprises including full page spreads of running wolves and of the first time the boy touched the wolf pup.  A perfect introduction to the history of dogs.

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Soldier Dog

soldierDogSoldier Dog
by Sam Angus
Feiwel And Friends, 2012

Thirteen-year-old Stanley’s life is turned upside down when his mother passes and his father, so deep in his grief, is unavailable for his youngest son.  His brother, who does support him, is fighting in France in the Great War.  When the family’s prized greyhound gets loose and returns pregnant,

Stanley keeps the runt after his father tries to kill it.  It survives and becomes his best, and only, friend.  Eventually his father removes the pup.  Thinking his father drowned him, Stanley runs away and enlists in the Army, lying about his age.   Officers know Tom is young and encourage him to work with messenger dogs.  Finally sent to France, more officers protect him as they can, until one day, they have no choice, but to put his dog into action.

Written for kids, this compelling story of an English boy growing up in a war zone in 1918 is intense and moves swiftly and deeply into a reader’s heart.

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I Didn’t Do It

I Didn’t Do It
By Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest, Illustrated by Katy Schneider
Katherine Tegen Books, 2011

Dog lovers won’t be able to resist this beautifully illustrated poetry book, I Didn’t Do It.   They will enjoy the romp through 14 poems depicting a pup’s day, innocently told from the pup’s point of view.

Readers will learn what it might be like to be born a pup; they’ll share in a pup’s bewilderment of seeing himself in the mirror; and they’ll know the pup likes the same things as he does, when the pup snuggles down under the covers with his human.  The authors shares the pup’s heartfelt love in lines like,

“When I am grown I will keep you safe the way you keep me safe now.”

Award-winning artist Katy Schneider created beautiful oil-on-board renderings with loose, emotion-filled strokes celebrating a pup’s joy, innocence, laughter and love.  Readers will enjoy the 29 soulful-looking pups sprinkled throughout the book.  They will flip through the pages to see what kind of pup comes next, and then flip through again to pick their favorite, and check them again—just to be sure.

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