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I’m Sad

I’m Sad
by Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018

An engaging story of a sad flamingo that voice a child’s many concerns about being sad, with a spunky girl who speaks clearly on how being sad is just part of life.  The third character, a potato, inserts humor throughout the story and sets up the surprise ending.  If sadness exists in a little one’s life, this book will help explain it and accept it.  It might be the child sees your sadness or a friend’s sadness.  With few words and expressive characters, even the youngest readers will learn from this thoughtful rendering.

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Giraffe Meets Bird












Giraffe Meets Bird

By Rebecca Bender
Pajama Press, 2015

The expressive illustrations drew me into this friendship story between Giraffe and Bird.  The two become friends when they first meet, but soon get cross and angry with each other when things don’t go each of their ways.  But deciding they want to remain friends, Bird learns he must be pleasant and Giraffe learns to be polite.  Soon, “Bird’s feathers are ruffled when Giraffe tells him what to do.  Giraffe is peeved when Bird makes a fuss.”  They take a time out from each other and Bird attempts to fly and lands on the ground—where a lion is lurking.  Giraffe spots the danger and scoops Bird up and back into the tree.  Bird decides this tree, near a lion’s den, is too dangerous and he must leave; but all is good when they leave together to find a new home.

The book shows how to manage one’s own emotions and is perfect for opening a discussion on sharing and dealing with one’s emotions.

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