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Take Heart, My Child, A Mother’s Dream

Take Heart, My Child, A Mother’s Dream
by Ainsley Earhardt, illustrated by Jaime Kim
Simon & Schuster, 2016

A beautiful book for a child or even an adult going through tough times and needs inspiration.

Written with a soft, lyrical rhyme, the story is a mother’s words to her daughter.  It opens wide the universe with loving affirmations, insights, encouragement and inspiring images. A gentle story: we float on a butterfly sea, run up to a polka-dot tree, and dream in a moon made of flowers.

“May you strive to be happy
Change your course if you’re not
Embrace the world’s colors
Colors others forgot.”

A comforting story illustrated with inspiring images.

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Playing from the Heart













Playing from the Heart
by Peter H. Reynolds
Candlewick Press, 2016

Raj discovers piano and, with a natural talent and no lessons, creates dreamy music that floats through his house.  He is given piano lessons and his songs become more familiar, crisp and precise.  Yet, while he plays better, he gets more and more tired, until one day he quits playing.  Many years later, his father asks him to play a song.   Reluctantly he moves to the piano.  Then his father asks him to play, “The song without a name,” Raj returns to his early passion and notes emerge whispery and sweet.

The story subtly reminds readers to return to and stay focused on the heart in pursuing their passions.  Pursing ‘perfection’ over ‘joy’ can tarnish and end a joy.

Peter H Reynolds black and white drawings with musical notes featured in color splashes, portrays a whispery, whimsical feel to the music expressed.  Reynolds believes, “Creativity thrives on bravery and originality” and the book does an exquisite job of instilling this in young readers.

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Dare to Dream… Change the World

Dare to Dream… Change the World
Edited by Jill Corcoran, illustrated by J. Beth Jepson
Kane Miller, 2012

While on a work assignment, I walked by our downtown library, and, of course, HAD to go in!  Lucky for me I came upon a display of children’s poetry books.  Here I discovered Dare to Dream… Change the World.

It includes poems about great people in history one doesn’t always think about, including Jonas Salk (inventor of polio vaccination), Martha Graham (master of contemporary dance, who, I learned, started dance later in life), Stephen Spielberg, and more.    Each poem opens the imagination to reach toward new horizons, regardless of what others may think.  So many humble beginnings have resulted in greatness.  When I finished reading the book, I felt like I had just visited all these great people and my imagination was swirling.  Some suggest it’s a great book for graduation.

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