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Child of Faerie Child of Earth

Child of Faerie Child of Earth
Written by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Jane Dyer
Little Brown and Company, 1997

On Hallow night’s eve, a faerie and earth child meet, and though they are from differing lands, they are attracted to each other and soon become friends.  He leads her to a dance and they dance and play all night.  He asks her to stay and become a child of night, but, though she is tempted, she knows she cannot survive on faerie food.  She invites him to her world and shows him her farm.  At day’s end, she asks him to stay, but he knows he cannot stay and work, when his life is play.  They exchange an egg and feather to remind them of each other and stay in contact all their lives.

While this summarizes the plot, the beauty of this story is that it is set in the beauty of old English rhyme.  This is a true faerie tale.  It features a boy faerie, unusual, but perfect for young boys as well as girls.  While the hardback version is out of print, it is still available.  For many children, this has been one of their favorites, read over and over.  It’s magical, reassuring, nurturing, and holds a beauty and fascination for adults as well as children.  The art, done by Jane Dyer, is exquisite.  We experience playfulness, the faerie land, and the richness of a relationship.  It teems with beauty.

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