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Marilyn’s Monster

M Monster











Marilyn’s Monster
by Michelle Knudsen, illustrated by Matt Phelan
Candlewick Press, 2015

Everyone has a monster, except Marilyn.  Where is hers?  She dresses up and patiently waits each day, for a whole week.  But when a monster still doesn’t come, she wants to give up.  Her older brother, donned with his monster, teases her that it took one look at her and ran the other way.  Finally she can stand it no longer and sets out to find her monster.  She looks at the library, the park and calls out for her monster in a great open field…then hears a tiny voice, “Here.”  Find out what happened to Marilyn’s monster!

A delightful story that reframes monsters as playful friends, one every child will want.

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Library Lion

Library Lion
Michelle Knudsen; illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
Candlewick Press, 2006

A lion walks into a library. Liking what he sees, he lies in the story hour area. He enjoys the stories and when they are over, he roars for more. The librarian charges out and patiently explains roaring is not allowed. The lion learns to help the librarian and they become good friends.

One day the librarian falls, and the lion must roar to get the attention of someone to help. He then leaves, knowing he broke the rules and won’t be allowed to stay. All the children and the librarian miss the lion, until one day the lion is asked to return.

A story for book lovers and library lovers; when I first read it, I had to own it. The back story discusses rules and when to break them, making the story a good discussion topic.

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