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Big Sister, Little Monster












Big Sister, Little Monster
by Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum, illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
Scholastic, 2017

The splashy, alive and kicking illustrations drew me in and kept me turning the pages on this delightful story, with a monstrously exciting twist.

Big Sister complains of her little sister, the monster, until her little sister disappears.  But what fun is putting on a show starring one?  Suddenly concerned, she searches her little sister’s usual hiding places, to no avail.  She spots a strange door draw on the wall—and it opens!  Dozens of monsters are playing with her little sister.  They don’t like Big Sister and send her away.  But Big Sister calls upon her Inner Monster and demands the monsters give her sister back.  I did not see the monsters coming and did not see the ‘inner monster’, but loved both.  A story that will stick in the hearts of sisters.

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I Will Fight Monsters for You

fight monsters












I Will Fight Monsters for You
by Santi Balmes, illustrated by Lyona
Albert Whitman and Company, 2015
Originally published in Barcelona, Spain

A fresh view of dealing with night time monsters, this reassuring story empowers scared toddlers.  Weaving humor, readers will find that Martina is as scared of monsters as monster Anitram, who lives below her, is as scared of humans!

Martina is sure there are monsters who live under her room.  She imagines they will jump up and down at the same time and cave in the floor.  She can’t sleep.  She’s afraid the monster will grab her and teach her how to scare people.  Her daddy reassures her, “I will fight MONSTERS for you,” and explains how she can be brave and help.  The size of the monster depends on how scared you are, he says.  If you feel very brave, the monster will shrink and run away. Martina begins to feel a bit better and falls asleep.

At that very moment, a pink monster named Anitram is convinced that on the other side of her floor is a human city!  She has heard a girl human jumping on her bed before and worried that if all the humans started jumping at the same time, the floor would cave it!

Like Martina, Antirum’s father reassures his daughter.  Find out how Martina and Antrium meet and are no longer afraid.

The simple, friendly  drawings done in pink and blue-green are reassuring to toddlers.

Originally published in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, this comforting book is an international bestseller.

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