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Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night

Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night
By Jon Davis
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014

A tender story that ‘reframes’ Small Blue’s nighttime scary goblins and witches into unicycle riding doggies and sock-knitting retired pirates.  What?!

Small Blue wakes in the deep, dark night.  Imagining goblins in his room, he cries for Big Brown.  Small Blue shares his fears and Big Brown suggests that maybe there could be a “delightful doggies’ Saturday-night unicycle convention.”  Small Blue doubts it.  Big Brown turns on the light and there are no goblins.  Nor any doggies.  They step into the dark kitchen and Small Blue imagines witches.  Big Brown suggests there could be a “retired-pirates’ annual sock-knitting jamboree”.  Small Blue agrees, “I guess so.”  After a cup of warm milk, Small Blue falls asleep.  Now if Small Blue wakes in the deep, dark night, he waves—just in case the doggies, bats or pirates are there.

A fresh new way to deal with a child’s fear of the deep, dark night.  I would have wanted this story as a child.

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