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by Celine Claire and Qin Leng
Kids Can Press
Originally published in France.

Forest animals wake to approaching storm and they race to prepare.  Little Fox worried if all animals are safe. A cold father and son bear approach warm homes, but no one offers help.  But Little Fox comes out and offers them a lamp.  The bears use it to light their handmade shelter of snow.  Then the roof begins to collapse in the foxes’ den and the family scurries out.  When they see the bear’s lantern light, they ask for shelter and are generously squeezed in.  A strong, quiet story rendered in pen and ink and water color.

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Remembering Crystal

Remembering Crystal
Sebastian Loth
North South Books, 2010

This book deals with the death of a loved one. We meet Zelda and Crystal and experience the love and joy of their relationship. Then one day Crystal is gone and Zelda is told she has died. As true in any loss, at first Zelda denies the death and ventures off to find Crystal. But, of course, she doesn’t. In time she begins to accept that Crystal is gone and finds ways to remember her. Sensitively written and accessible to young ones, Remembering Crystal will help both children and adults adjust to a loss.

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