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Philomena’s New Glasses











Philomena’s New Glasses
By Brenna Maloney
Viking, 2017

A perfect book for siblings.

Philomena had poor eyesight and got new glasses.  But as soon as she did, her sister got some too.  Then her other sister thought that maybe she, too, should have glasses.  Then Philomena bought a handbag to store her glasses.  Her second sister got one and used it for snacks.  The third sister got one, too, just to be the same.  Eventually, they realize that ‘not everyone needs the same things” and unnecessary things disappear…until…

Author/artist Brenna Maloney uses her own pet guinea pigs for this bemusing tale of three sisters.

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Little Miss, Big Sis













Little Miss, Big Sis

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2015

Big sibling/little sibling stories generally don’t appeal to me, but this one is simple, direct, poetic, and completely drew me in.  The words and illustrations support each other so well, I’m still surprised they were not done by the same person.

The story spans from before birth through toddler showing the stages and challenges a Big Sis goes through with a new sibling: from waiting to become a big sis, to going to the hospital, to feeding the new baby.  Words and illustrations sweetly and humorously show Big Sis’ experiences, including a drooling, food-throwing, and hair-pulling baby, as well as a clapping, napping, and loose-in-the-house baby.  The book has total ‘toddler-appeal’.

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