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What is Given from the Heart












What is Given from the Heart
Patricia C. McKissack, illustrated by April Harrison
Schwartz & Wade Books, 2019

An old tale with a new twist. Re-written with a voice of a poor African-American, young boy, his father dies, his mother and him lose the farm and they move. The mother always tries to find the good in every situation. At church they are asked to help a family with a young girl who lost everything in a fire.  The boy wonders what he could possibly give a young girl, for they have nothing. He considered many things, but nothing seemed right, until, when he was reading his favorite, his only, book, he thought to make her a book. He presented the book, “From My Heart to Your Heart”, a story about her, to her personally.  She was overwhelmed and so pleased to have a book about herself.

Beautifully written, illustrated with loose colors of mixed media including art pens.  A touching story.

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