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The Blue Whale












The Blue Whale
by Jenni Desmond
Enchanted Lion Books, 2015

This is a perfect ‘boys’ book that, with a kid-voice of awe and excitement, introduces the greatest mammal on earth, the blue whale.  Readers learn a whale’s heart is the size of a small car, about 1,300 pounds and its tongue is three tons!  They learn 50 people could fit inside a whale’s mouth.  While a whale eats 35 million krill a day, its throat is only as wide as a grapefruit.  The illustrations cleverly show all the whale details throughout the story and features ‘whales’ wherever possible, like the kitchen table is shaped like a whale.  They even get a geography lesson thrown in.  Targeted for the 4-7 year old, they will have fun reading it over and over to learn about the gigantic whale.

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If You Want to See a Whale

If You Want to See a Whale
by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin E. Stead
Roaring Book Press, 2013

Illustrated in the innocence of a child, a young boy, his dog and bird decide they want to see a whale.  Patiently they look out upon the ocean, allowing life to happen around them, distracting themselves with their imaginations, until on the very last page they see a whale, but it is not what they expected the whale to look like.  They study what they see.

This gentle story speaks to the heart, inviting it to be patient and open to what one sees.   For when we look with expectations, we may miss the beauty before us.  The story opens the minds of readers to be aware of the richness around them.

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