A Poet Emerges… (#4)

Haiku…My Saving Grace

In the midst of my mom’s decline,
when every day was emotional,
I heard, Write haiku.

It turned out to be my saving grace
when my mom went from independent
to dependent and everything in life changed.
After each visit, I’d pour my feelings into little haiku
…after I learned how to write one.

Writing haiku became my spiritual practice
as I processed my grief.

So enamored with this new art form,
I partnered with a friend,
—a former English teacher who knew this poetry stuff—
and co-taught, Haiku as a Spiritual Practice.

Students were enthralled,
hearts opened,
emotions crafted into words,
spirits lifted.

I still remember we had run over on time,
yet all eyes stared at me
…love hungered to be expressed.

Haiku, my new love
—but what’s happening to me?
As I write…I change…

My next poem, Rapture, will arrive on Sunday, March 22.


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