Blind to My Beauty (#2)

Blind to My Beauty

I heard inside, loud and clear,
my purpose was
to share my beauty
…inspired, I wrote a poem.

But I wasn’t an artist,
I didn’t draw,
I created no beauty
…I wrote in my poem.

Three Once Upon a Time tales appeared
so I wrote children’s stories
—many in verse
…I wrote in my poem.

Prolific, my writing improved,
but never enough to sing
and nothing happened
…I wrote in my poem.

If I only knew
what my beauty was,
…I wrote in my sad, sad poem.

My next poem, Library Saturdays, will arrive on Monday, March 9


My book’s been researched, drafted, critiqued, rewritten, expanded, proofed, covered and is now at the printers. The marketing begins…

My angels pulled me out of bed at 3am one morning to draft ten poems for my pre-launch blogs. I giggled. Whoever heard of a pre-launch being written in poems?! But, then again, Why Not?

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