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Dewey Bob

by Judy Schachner
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2015

Author Judy Schachner moseys through Dewey Bob with rhymes, rhythms and delightful metaphors, like “…he scrubbed his catch until it was as clean as a bucketful of bleached bones.”  Most every time Bob speaks, he does so in rhymes.  It’s just a pleasure to read her story and savor her illustrations, with subtle humor peeking through on every page.

Dewey Bob, a young raccoon, sets out to find his own place.  As are most raccoons, he’s a collector; of buttons, fireflies and stuff.  Stuff to make things, stuff for art.  He finds himself a great place to live, but soon gets lonely.  Thinking he can just pick up friends, he places a few in his cart and takes them home. But he’s very sad when they all leave.  Except for one friend, Mudball.  Find out how Dewey Bob uses his natural talents to help Mudball and learns how to make a true friend. A rich story of friendships.

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