I Followed My Heart… (#9)

I followed my heart …

Life went on.

After my mother’s passing
I heard myself declare I was going to start
a Reiki business and found myself
in a Reiki Masters Class.
Reiki is a hands-on-healing spiritual practice.

I healed myself every day and soon noticed
hurts, pains, and fears from my past
sloughed from my body.
Heavy healing happened, many days
I remained confined to the house.

As I released my oppressive past,
I started following my heart.
Poems began filling my pages.
Vagueness of me being a poet faded
and me as a poet began to take shape.

Somewhere in this transformation,
library poems began to appear
and, most important,
my purpose became clear—
I am to share my beauty…

and my beauty is writing poems.

See my next two poems in, I Present Myself to the World, on Tuesday, March 31.



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